A group representing pilots of the former America West Airlines has been formed in response to the victory by a new union to represent pilots at US Airways (Flight International, 22-28 April).

The America West Airlines Pilots Protective Alliance (AWAPPA) says it will sue the US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA) if the new union attempts to modify the arbitration award that is the basis of the dispute between the two pilot groups. The former US Airways and America West merged in 2005.

USAPA ousted the incumbent Air Line Pilots Association at US Airways after a campaign in which it vowed to oppose the post-merger seniority integration arbitration award known as the Nicolau Award.

AWAPPA says it seeks to protect the jobs of the pre-merger America West pilots, "who have sacrificed for their airline with years of bottom-of-the-barrel pay, benefits and work rules".

Source: Flight International