Emirates has become the first airline to order laser-based simulator visual systems, launching Evans & Sutherland's (E&S) ultra-high-resolution LaserWide projector as part of a larger deal that includes simulators for the Airbus A380.

The Dubai-based airline has placed an order with CAE for two full-flight simulators for the A380-800 and one for the A340-600, for delivery in mid-2006. At the same time, Emirates has ordered E&S EP-1000CT visuals with laser projectors for the new simulators, plus another image generator to upgrade its existing A330/A340 machine and a LaserWide to update its EP-1000CT-equipped Boeing 777 simulator.

One LaserWide replaces the three conventional cathode-ray-tube projectors in a wide-angle visual system, reducing life-cycle cost and weight while increasing resolution, brightness, contrast and colour saturation, says E&S chief executive Jim Oyler.

The E&S-developed projector incorporates a gating light valve that creates a vertical pixel "bar", rather than a single laser spot, which is then swept across the curved projection screen, allowing a single projector to generate images up to 270° wide.

Source: Flight International