Airbus is at Farnborough 2008 having made changes to key posts in its top team on the eve of the show, including the appointment of a new leader for the A380 programme, which recently suffered fresh setbacks.

Alain Flourens becomes the new head of the A380 programme, replacing Mario Heinen, who takes over as executive vice president, transnational Centre of Excellence (COE) Fuselage and Cabin.

Airbus was recently forced to announced fresh delays to its ramp-up for the A380 delivery programme.

Chief executive Tom Enders says: “We needed more time and resources than expected and, although we initially thought this could be resolved through increased manpower and outsourcing, we have been hit by an industry-wide shortage of skilled labour, making it impossible to complete the work to the standards required.”

Adding that the standards are “extremely high”, Enders says the firm has decided it would not compromise on quality in order to stick to its production ramp-up plan.

The programme has been delayed by an average of around three months as Airbus battled with the transition to “Wave 2” aircraft.

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Source: Flight International