Lockheed Martin has achieved a double Asian milestone with the recent launch of Vietnam’s VINASAT-1 communications satellite and the award of the BSAT-3b spacecraft contract.

VINASAT-1, designed and built for Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), will improve telecommunications in that country by transmitting radio, television and telephone communications.

It will enable multiple new services including mobile broadcasting, direct-to-home television, video conferencing and data transmission. It will also remove reliance on ground-based networks and allow many of Vietnam's rural communities to be equipped with telephones and televisions.

The spacecraft features eight C-Band primary transponders providing coverage over Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Southeast Asia, India, Japan and Australia. It is designed for a minimum service life of 15 years and will be located at 132°E in the Clarke belt.

Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation (B-SAT) of Japan has also selected Lockheed Martin to build its next BSAT-3b geostationary telecommunications satellite. BSAT-3b will provide high-definition direct broadcast services throughout Japan following its scheduled launch in the third quarter of 2010 aboard an Arianespace launch vehicle.

The spacecraft will comprise 12 130 W Ku-band channels (eight operating at one time) and will be located at 110°E, with a design life of 15 years.

Source: Flight International