Samuel Franklin Cody’s landmark first flight in the UK took place on October 16, 1908 – and years of work to honour the Centenary of the historic moment has come together in a working replica on display at the show.

Tethered today near the FIVE building at the Pioneers of Flight booth, the replica of Cody’s aircraft, the British Army Aircraft Number 1A, was carefully assembled by a team of more than 50 from the Farnborough Air Science Trust Museum. The offices of FAST overlook the ‘Black Sheds’, built on the site of where that historic flight began.

Cody’s legacy is at the roots of the Royal Air Force, but it was this American showman’s talents that first amazed the British public, with his ‘wild west’ shooting and roping tricks. His interest turned to kites and then manned aircraft, which he designed and built himself.

 Samuel Cody

John Roberts carefully prepared the modern plans based on years of research by Jean Roberts. A modern powerplant is on board, along with a sound system to recreate the noise of the original Antoinette V8 engine.

Source: Flight International