Boeing and Alenia Aeronautica have announced a joint initiative to create Italy’s first aircraft composites recycling facility.

The two are working with Karborek, the Italian national agency for new technologies, and Milled Carbon of Birmingham, UK.
Many manufacturers have stored scrap to be recycled, says Milled Carbon’s John Davidson, while 40% of composites made for aircraft can be trimmed off and left unused.

“We’re still working out how to take the planes apart and get the most out of them. We are already working with the UK Ministry of Defence and on the F-18 as well. Believe me, there’s a lot out there,” he says.

Post-recycling uses will be in cement, injection moulding, electromagnetic shielding and elsewhere. Bill Glover, Boeing director of environmental strategy, says: “Some of this could find its way back into aerospace as minor parts.”

Source: Flight International