Diamond Aircraft has dropped plans to purchase insolvent diesel engine maker Thielert and is waiting on certification of a new engine in late summer “to make the best out of the hand we all have been dealt”.

Diamond has abandoned an attempt to join several OEMs in a consortium to buy the German engine maker, claiming the confidentiality agreement required for bidders is too limiting. Diamond has been openly critical of the insolvency administrator, of, which claims 50 bidders could come forward by the July 16 deadline and could pay at least $79 million for Thielert Aircraft Engines.

Meanwhile, deliveries of the Diamond DA42 have slowed, and the Austrian-Canadian manufacturer will soon allow position holders to swap for the new DA42NG with an Austro Engines AE300 diesel powerplant, currently in certification testing.


Customers could also get a deposit refund or switch to the DA42 L360 with its Lycoming engine, though dependence on Thielert products will endure for years. Sales of its four-seat and two-seat aircraft make Diamond the largest manufacturer of diesel-powered aircraft in the world.

“We are actively working on the technical challenges needed to be able to manufacture and overhaul select TAE parts for the EASA STCs we are pursuing,” Diamond said in a notice to customers, adding that services from Thielert have slowed and become more expensive.
Thielert meanwhile issued a statement, saying: “The company’s business operations will continue unchanged.”

Source: Flight International