AgustaWestland has selected GE Aviation to provide the integrated cockpit display system on 70 Future Lynx and 30 Merlin capability sustainment plus (MCSP) helicopters for the UK armed forces.

The 10-year contract is worth more than $55 million ($110m), with deliveries due to begin early next year. The cockpit system features a smart 10in x 8in integrated display unit (IDU), a remote interface unit and GE-Aviation’s second-generation integrated standby instrument system (ISIS). It has a high degree of commonality with other British military and A-W helicopters, including the AW101 and Super Lynx 300.

Malaysian Super Lynx 300 W445 

GE is also to supply integrated systems and equipment to Bell-Boeing for the V-22 Osprey military tilt-rotor. The $190m order from Bell-Boeing covers 141 MV-22s for the US Marine Corps and 26 CV-22s for Air Force Special Operations Command.

Source: Flight International