Greene, Tweed has announced the successful development of Xycomp complex shape, thermoplastic composite, aircraft engine nacelle components.

Xycomp provides between 30-60% weight savings, depending on the material replaced. When replacing aluminum parts, Greene, Tweed’s nacelle components also reduce installation time and complexity by requiring fewer parts. In high temperature applications, thermal insulation blankets can be either removed or reduced, providing additional cost and weight savings.

Aircraft engine nacelle components must operate under load in extreme temperatures, resist harsh chemicals and solvents, and withstand environmental factors such as high-frequency vibration.

Greene, Tweed’s composite solution, manufactured from the company’s proprietary Xycomp composite material, is resistant to aerospace chemicals and solvents such as jet fuel, hydraulic fluids, de-icing fluids, cleaners, grease and water. In addition, it performs well under load in extreme temperatures (400°F/204°C) and resists micro-cracking due to high-frequency vibration.

Source: Flight International