Thales Alenia Space is set to deliver its high-resolution (HR) optical imaging instrument for integration in the first Pleiades earth observation satellite.

The Pleiades project is part of ORFEO, a joint Franco-Italian initiative by CNES and ASI for both military and civilian uses, including mapping, volcano monitoring, geophysical and hydrology studies, plus urban planning.

CNES selected Astrium as satellite prime contractor and Thales Alenia Space for the imaging instruments. The Pleiades optical high-resolution imaging instruments offer enhanced resolution of 70cm over a 20km band of earth in both the visible and near infrared bands.


The first flight-model instrument is now ready for delivery, and will be integrated on the first satellite, which will then undergo checks at Astrium’s facility in Toulouse.

The two Pleiades observation satellites have a design life of five years and offer a high degree of in-orbit agility thanks to their manoeuvring capability. They are scheduled for launch in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Thales Alenia Space can be found on both the Thales and the Finmeccanica booths.

Source: Flight International