Consultancy IXC UK, which specialises in helping companies make business connections, is challenging Farnborough showgoers to make connections of their own using magnetic rods and balls – and win a cheque for charity.

The Central England-based company  is inviting visitors to test their own creativity and ingenuity by building a shape out of the popular Geomag executive toy. The week’s overall winner will receive £250 ($500) for the charity of their choice.

IXC chief executive Mike Hield says IXC UK’s success is built on open innovation, a concept widely understood in the aerospace sector but seen as the preserve of industry giants. “As an industry characterised by long lead times, adopting a cross-sector, collaborative approach to innovation could deliver those vital, short-term revenue streams sought by so many of the smaller suppliers whose technologies and know-how could be highly relevant to other industries,” he says.

“Breaking out of the supply-chain silo is daunting for many such firms and that’s where IXC’s intermediary service with its global networks can add considerable value.” IXC UK has had a hand in more than £200 million ($400m) in potential business in its first year of operations. More than £23m in collaborative deals have been signed.

Source: Flight International