DFsustain, a new de-icing product from Kilfrost is making a green impact with its official launch at the show. DFsustain removes frozen deposits from critical aircraft surfaces.

But the product’s green credentials stem from a corn-based glycol called Susterra, developed by DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts. DFsustain replaces traditional glycol derived by crude-oil, and because it is a sustainable source, it reduces the carbon footprint of aircraft operators.

“By switching to DFsustain, our customers can make huge inroads into reducing their carbon footprint as they’ll save 9,500 air miles worth of energy and greenhouse gas emissions for every jumbo jet journey,” explains Gary Lydiate CEO of Kilfrost. “Manufacturing the product uses 42% less energy than standard glycol and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 29% as well.”

The fluid performs at very low temperatures - below -40°C - previously possible only with Ethylene Glycol-based (EG) Type 1 fluids. Now with DFsustain, airline operators have an option to avoid the toxicity hazards associated with EG.


Lydiate claims these environmental savings do not sacrifice performance: “As well as meeting green credentials, DFsustain performs better than all existing propylene glycol de-icers at low temperatures and can cope below -40˚C.”

Kilfrost is also celebrating 75 years in the aviation industry during the show, marking the occasion with a DVD which is being shown at its stand. Copies of the DVD are available to attendees as well.

Source: Flight International