Two new-build W-3A Sokol twin-turboshaft helicopters from PZL-Swidnik  are being readied to receive quick-change VIP interiors for use by Poland’s president, prime minister and other senior leaders.   

The interiors were designed and are being manufactured by British company MacCarthy Interiors, which specialises in head-of-state outfitting and includes the first Sikorsky S-92 VIP conversion in its list of credits.

MacCarthy is due to deliver the first of two interior kits this September for installation in the green airframes at the PZL-Swidnik factory in Poland. The two fully-outfitted aircraft are scheduled for hand-over before the end of the year.

 PZL Swidnik

“We have been developing VIP helicopter concepts with PZL-Swidnik for five years,” says MacCarthy commercial director Roger Patron. “We started final design work for the W-3As in May, passed a critical design review last month and are now building the kits. We’re enjoying our close co-operation with PZL-Swidnik in what is the first foreign involvement in a Polish VIP programme.”

The aircraft will each be fitted with two luxury seats for the principal travellers, a rear three-seat divan with pull-down back for access to the baggage compartment, a two-seat ottoman, a flight-attendant seat and provision for two pilots. The seats will be finished in full hide leather and the cabin walls covered in thin, pliable ultra-leather. Cabin systems include satellite air-to-ground communications, audio in-flight entertainment and upgraded lighting, heating and ventilation.

Source: Flight International