Kuka Automation and Robotics  is thrilling visitors to Farnborough with Robocoaster, the world’s first passenger-carrying robot.

Offering a one-of-a-kind white-knuckle thrill ride unlike any other traditional rollercoaster experience, Robocoaster is making a rare UK appearance.

Robocoaster carries two passengers at a time and offers an exhilarating sensation with a choice of five ride profiles and speeds, which, Kuka believes, can pull up to 2Gs. Attendees are invited to stop by for a ride during exhibition hours.

 Kuka Robocoaster

In addition to providing thrills, Kuka robots are also playing a role in next generation aircraft design. Kuka is currently sharing its robotics expertise to help produce technologies for rapid automated assembly of aircraft components.

Kuka, Europe’s largest robot manufacturer, is taking part in the next generation composite wing project, which represents one of the most significant aircraft research programs launched in the UK for several decades. The project, headed by Airbus, brings together 16 British companies and organizations with the goal of revolutionising aircraft wing development in the UK.

Source: Flight International