As you wander round the show today, spare a thought for some of the industry’s hardest working crews. Although corporate demonstrator flight attendants would seem to have a glamorous job, the role is more than simply serving food and drink to VIPs.

Heather Forcier and Melissa Keough are in-flight coordinators for Bombardier Aerospace and are here to show off the Global 5000 and the 605.

Forcier says: “We undergo flight attendant crew training annually. This involves acquiring medical and catering skills.” Corporate attendants also have to know about the aircraft they are showing off, as well as understanding the requirements for Part 91 and Part 135 charter operators.

Forcier says: “We need to know all about the individual aircraft, such as dimensions, engine types and how they compare with other aircraft in their class, such as Gulfstream and Dassault jets.”

According to Forcier, all corporate flight attendants need to have superior catering skills, as well as an interest in working with many different cultures. But corporate demonstrator crews have to offer a service that goes “beyond first class.” Keough agrees: “Corporate flight attendants are offering a service; we are selling the dream.”

Forcier has a degree in aviation studies and Keough has a strong catering background. They both say young people wishing to enter the industry must be flexible, enthusiastic and professional. So where would they choose to visit? Australia for Keough, who has yet to visit ‘Down Under’, and Italy for Forcier, who loves the Italian culture.

Source: Flight International