A technology that began in a photo booth for Kodak is now being applied to the latest aerospace designs and is on display in Hall 2.

Rochester, New York-based Arnprior offers rapid manufacturing solutions creating prototyping, product development and technical models straight from CATIA systems.

On the stand, the company is showing a single-piece fully-moving model created to demonstrate how flexible it can be with its interpretation of design.
The company was formerly part of Kodak and had been creating rapid mouldings for photo booths. It was acquired by Arnprior and is at the show with its new partners,

Arnprior aerospace from Ottowa, which was formerly part of Boeing.

The third partner sharing the stand is Consolidated Industries, which has been producing high quality forgings from ferrous, non ferrous and exotic metals.
“We are all now part of one group and are here at Farnborough to show the whole range of manufacturing solutions that we offer,” says VP Roger Briggs.

 Arnprior Three in one

Source: Flight International