Chinese production of full-flight simulators to meet local training demand is the subject of a new provisional agreement involving specialist L3Harris Technologies.

The company’s flight-training division has signed a memorandum of understanding with Zhuhai Xiangyi Aviation Technology through which the two sides will discuss simulator manufacture for the Chinese commercial aviation market.

Zhuhai Xiangyi Aviation Technology is a subsidiary of China Southern Airlines, which is based in Guangzhou.

Its activities include training and simulation technology development. The company has over 30 simulators including those for the Airbus A350, Boeing 787, 777 and 737 Max, and other aircraft types.

“Global partnership and regional production capabilities could help speed deployment of full-flight simulators and position the companies as pivotal suppliers to Chinese airlines,” says L3Harris.

It says the agreement focuses on exclusive discussions about capitalising on one another’s capabilities and geographical footprint.

“We expect the Asia market to grow exponentially,” says L3Harris Commercial Aviation Solutions president Alan Crawford. “This partnership will help meet their pilot training needs.”

China Southern A380-c-China Southern

Source: China Southern Airlines

China Southern’s flight-training division is a partner in the simulator discussions