Five US airports will take part in a study to determine the effect alternative fuels could have on airport emissions, under a new agreement between energy and climate change consultancy AEA Group and the US Transportation Research Board.

AEA's Dr Hazel Peace says the study will focus on fine particulate matter in the air surrounding the five airports, which have yet to be named. "We will look at the impact of alternative fuels in terms of how they reduce PM2.5 [fine particulate emissions]," says Peace.

While PM2.5 does not have an effect on climate change, there are concerns over the effect it can have on human health. Peace says that 60% of US airports are in "non-attainment areas", meaning the local air quality does not meet government regulations, which could impede airport expansion plans.

The research is being carried out by AEA's US arm, Project Performance.

Source: Flight Daily News