Airbus Helicopters has selected Thales’s Scorpion helmet-mounted sight and display system for integration into its future Helicopter Weapons System.

The off-the-shelf kit will be available for integration into new Airbus Helicopters combat types, as well as for retrofit onto existing models. It has already been integrated on multiple platforms in the USA, including the airframer's UH-72A Lakota and the Fairchild Republic A-10.

Scorpion features what Thales terms a Hybrid Optical-based Inertial Tracking (HOBIT) system, and operates with standard-issue night vision goggles while providing the same quality of display.

“This success is attributable to our superior and innovative Scorpion helmet product offering, matching Airbus Helicopters’ requirements, which are a benchmark within the rotorcraft market,” says Pete Roney, president of Thales Visionix.

Source: Flight Daily News