Airbus has today unveiled its revamp of its A350 aircraft offering, detailing a new wider A350 XWB aircraft family to enter service from the middle of 2012.

The A350 XWB will comprise three aircraft:  A 314-seater, the A350-900, to enter service mid-2012, a 270-seat version, -800 to enter service in early 2013 and the 350-seat -1000 to enter service in the first quarter of 2014

Airbus A350 XWB W445 
 Airbus unveiled an early hint at the new aircraft's identity today at the Farnborough air show, with this billboard ad

In addition the family will comprise an A350-900L for ultra long-range aircraft and an A350-900 freighter.

Airbus is seeking to offer two engine manufacturers for the aircraft family and has already secured agreements with Rolls-Royce to provide powerplants for all three A350 types.

Speaking during a media briefing during the Farnborough air show, chief operating officer John Leahy said: “It’s a totally new design, with new cabin, new wings, new systems and new engines.”

More details to follow.

Source: Flight International