Although Boeing is currently test-flying its 787 and it will be going into airline service at the end of this year, the details of its flightdeck are not being released on the grounds that they are commercially sensitive.

However, FlightBlogger Jon Ostrower has been able to report: "From the handling characteristics to the checklists and emergency procedures, Boeing challenged itself to start with the 777's operating procedures and build from there. While the systems architecture of the 787 is different from the 777, the legacy of the larger long-range twin is evident...right down to the alternate flap extension actuation timing."

Mike Carriker, the 787's chief project pilot, explains that Boeing sought to maintain the pilot's mental mindset when transitioning between the two aircraft. None of the 787's other pilots have disagreed, so perhaps Boeing has indeed achieved its aim of making the 787 flightdeck feel identical to the 777's, with Boeing's Training and Flight Services division promising a differences course of just five days for a 777 pilot to get a 787 rating.

Source: Flight International