US company Capital Air-Solutions is launching Reflectec Solar Armor and Solar Armor Extreme blanket insulations at the show.

The blanket does not include carcogens, fiberglass, hazardous out-gassing or contaminating odours.

The insulations are designed to repulse flames and moisture, and reflect up to 95% radiant heat away from the fuselage of an aircraft, while ensuring up to 85% ambient temperatures on the inside of the cabin.

Tests have demonstrated reductions of over 10dBa in noise levels with Reflectec Solar Armor blankets. The Reflectec Solar Armor, which has been certificated by the US Federal Aviation Administration, weighs less than 915g/m² (3oz/ft2) and is around 3.18mm (0.125in) thick, making it appropriate for over-frame installations, says Capital.

Source: Flight Daily News