Cessna Aircraft's two-blade, fixed-pitch composite propellor for the 162 Skycatcher light sport aircraft has been approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

"This is the first of a planned family of composite propellers we have in development, designed for a range of aircraft," says Peter Wilkinson, vice-president and general manager of Cessna's McCauley propellor systems division.

Cessna Skycatcher 162
 © Cessna

Consisting of a continuous lightweight fibre, the 1L100 propellor equips Teledyne Continental Motors' 0-200D engine. Testing continues as McCauley works to gain US Federal Aviation Administration certification (CFR part 35) for the propellor.

Textron-owned Cessna has a range of turbine and propellor aircraft on display at the show, including Citation XLS+, Citation CJ3, and Citation Mustang business jets, a Grand Caravan turboprop and a 206 Stationair single-engine piston.

Source: Flight Daily News