SS White Technologies (H4/A4) is providing key components for Pratt & Whitney's variable area fan nozzle technology on the Bombardier CSeries programme, the US-based component supplier says.

The Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G geared turbofan powering the CSeries small narrowbody will feature a variable area fan nozzle, SS White says.

It is the first application of such technology on a commercial aircraft programme.

The fan nozzle expands on take-off to increase the flow of air bypassing the core of the engine, thus reducing noise and increasing velocity, with greater fuel efficiency.

SS White also says the nozzle helps protect the engine against dangerous conditions such as fan resonance or flutter.

The company is contributing flexible rotary shafts to provide the power transfer mechanism in the variable area fan nozzle and is supplying the actuator synchronisation for the thrust reverser actuation system.

The PW1500G is scheduled to be certified on the CSeries by the end of this year, supporting a one-year CSeries flight test programme that is scheduled to begin before 1 January 2013.

Source: Flight Daily News