Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is celebrating its centenary at the show.

The Birmingham-based company, which claims to be the world's only specialist aircraft tyre manufacturer, is today publishing a book which tells the story of the company and showing a commemorative film commissioned specially for the centenary.

Both are being launched at a gala event being held tonight at the Wapping Project in London. The event will bring together many of the company's customers, suppliers and senior figures from the aviation sector.

Dunlop is meanwhile looking to the future with a major expansion drive. It has opened its first retreading and distribution facility in China to cater for the needs of aircraft operators in Asia Pacific.

"While we are looking back and celebrating our 100-year history, we are also using this opportunity to strengthen our position for the future," says Dunlop Aircraft Tyres' chairman, Ian Edmondson.

"We have invested in new facilities that will enable us to increase our market share in Asia Pacific and we have an aggressive new product development programme supported by an expanded research and development team that is working on the tyres of tomorrow."

Source: Flight Daily News