Elbit Systems is offering its CockpitNG to at least three platform manufacturers. The CockpitNG for fighter aircraft, helicopters, trainers and airlifters is being unveiled at the show.

The CockpitNG is based on a smart central large area display which includes all avionic components in one suite. The display is fully integrated with the helmet mounted and head-up displays.

According to Elbit all of the system's components incorporate multi-touch-screen technology to allow the pilot to operate the aircraft in a smooth and customisable manner.

Elbit NG helicopter cockpit
 © Elbit Systems

This modular solution enhances mission performance and reduces aircrew workload, and can be tailored to multiple platforms offering full multi-mission support for attack, emergency services, training and air support.

The modular and flexible high-resolution displays are all video-capable and feature extended day and night field-of-view.

The Elbit development team says that to ensure timely and accurate presentation of mission data, the CockpitNG includes a full suite of next generation avionics applications, simultaneously supporting Windows-based and real-time applications. Advanced data and sensor fusion, a smart electronic flight bag and a 3D vector map including embedded video and highway-in-the-sky (HITS) representation are fully integrated into the solution.

The team claims that embedded Virtual Avionics (EVA) with full support for virtual radar, EW and targeting pod further extend the solution to provide a cost-effective, virtual advanced fighter for training purposes.

Source: Flight Daily News