Design of Embraer’s re-engined E190 E2 “will be frozen by the end of the year”, says senior vice-president of operations Luis Carlos Affonso.

The airframer finished the joint definition phase for the E190 E2 at the end of May and has completed the preliminary design review. Affonso expects first metal cut to take place in the second half of this year, with the critical design review to be concluded by year-end and the first iron bird to be ready in 2015.

Embraer will have four prototypes for the E190 E2, two for the E195 E2 and “two or three” for the E175 E2, says Affonso. The E190 E2 will be the first variant in the E2 family to enter into service, and Embraer retains its expectation that this will happen in the first half of 2018.

Affonso does not seem concerned over the recent failure affecting the Pratt & Whitney PW1500G geared turbofan engine powering the in-development Bombardier CSeries. The E2 will be equipped with a variant of the same engine.

“Our programme is not the first one [to be powered by the engine]… We will benefit from having more time,” he says, adding that Embraer is “confident” that the issue which resulted in the failure will be fixed.

“Pratt has reassured us that this will not impact on our programme,” says Affonso.

Embraer is progressing with the E2 as it displays a cabin mock-up of the jet at the Farnborough air show. The new interior boasts sleeker lines, 40% more overhead cabin space and passenger-friendly touches such as individual control units over each seat for access to reading lights and air-conditioning vents. Mood lighting and bigger windows refresh the interior.

The airframer is studying some novel features, such as a welcome screen in the entry area of the aircraft. This could allow airline operators to display messages or advertisements.

The E2’s lavatory features cleaner lines reminiscent of hotel bathrooms, and a touchless faucet.

Source: Cirium Dashboard