Russia's state arms vendor Rosoboronexport has completed deliveries of six Sukhoi Su-25T attack aircraft to Iran. Rosoboronexport deputy general director Ivan Gonchrenko, who headed the organisation's delegation at Farnborough, confirms deliveries have taken place, but refuses to specify the buyer, writes Vladimir Karnozov.

The Su-25T, also referred to as the Su-39, differs from the standard Su-25 in having the Krasnogorsk Optical Plant Zarevo electric-optical sighting system. The Zarevo enables use of laser-beam-riding Vikhr supersonic anti-tank missiles. Rosoboronexport says the Su-25Ts went to the buyer with guided missiles, but refuses to specify the types. It is understood the deal with Iran also included spares and upgrade kits for ex-Iraqi air force Su-25s that were ferried to Iran by Iraqi pilots in 1991.

The Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, which makes the Su-25T, Su-39 and Su-25UBT, is in negotiations with "local and overseas customers" on assembly of up to a dozen aircraft from previously manufactured parts.

Source: Flight International