The first Cair cabin humidification to be installed by an aircraft manufacturer has gone into service on a new Airbus A380 delivered today to Lufthansa.

Manufactured by CTT Systems it will be fitted into the first-class cabins of all the A380s on order for the German airline.

CTT Systems claims that Cair increases cabin humidity to around 25% and increases the comfort and well-being of passengers.

Torbjörn Johansson, CTT Systems president, says: "This is an important day, not only for CTT, but also for airline passengers as we are confident that this is the beginning of a new era in premium-class cabins."

CTT has been supplying its systems into the VIP aircraft sector for a number of years and its Zonal Drying system is standard fit on Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner. The Cair and Zonal Drying systems are available as options on the Airbus A350.

Source: Flight Daily News