Meggitt is teaming with Snecma and Sukhoi to incorporate an advanced engine vibration monitoring system (AEVMS) into the SaM146 engine for the Superjet 100 regional jet.

The three companies have made a joint investment totalling "several million dollars" to develop the system, which is designed to enable operators and maintenance providers to predict maintenance requirements more accurately. The contract is the last supplier deal to be signed for the Superjet.

The AEVMS "monitors the engine bearing to determine if there are any precursors to engine degradation", says Richard Greaves, managing director of Meggitt division Vibro-Meter.

It also "acquires vibration data in flight to enable 'cold fan trim balancing' of the SaM146, by calculating weight to be added or removed from the engine fan during maintenance", says Greaves.

"The extra functionality enables operators to look at the health of the engine, not just the vibration," he adds.

Source: Flight International