Mitsubishi Aircraft (chalet D12-13, OE7) is showcasing an 8m (26ft) long cabin mock-up, the largest ever, of its Mitsubishi MRJ regional jet at the Farnborough air show.

About a third of the length of the aircraft, the mock-up features the cabin in a two-class configuration with new and improved seats.

The premium class seats, showcased for the first time and manufactured by Zodiac Seats California, have a pitch of 38in and a 17˚ recline.

The company has since made tweaks to its slim economy seats. The seat bottom now measures a shorter 13in - a length MRJ says puts less pressure on passengers' thighs on longer flights, giving more comfort.

Manufactured by Japanese seat maker Delta Kogyo, these seats, previously cushioned with what Mitsubishi called "3D net technology" which encourages ventilation, now simply comes with a synthetic leather covering. These seats on the MRJ come in four different pitches from 29in to 32in, and a width of 18.5in.

The mock-up also features the aircraft's galley, which can fit three full-size carts, and a wheelchair accessible lavatory that comes complete with a full length mirror.

Source: Flight Daily News