Russia’s Federal Space Agency’s (FSA) director-general Anatoly Perminov outlined his agency’s plans to restructure the Russian space industry over the next ten years at Farnborough air show today.
The industry will be reorganised into three or four holding companies in the next decade under the country’s 2006-2015 space programme.
Today that industry consists of around 112 organisations that are linked to the FSA, often by share ownership.
Many of these were once state-owned companies and the FSA still owns substantial stock in many of them.

Anatoly Perminov
“The task is to establish new structures. There will be 8-10 structures and this must be accomplished by 2010. This first phase does not involve the joining of [companies such as] Rocket and Space Corporation Energia and Khrunichev Space Center, they will continue to grow,” Perminov explained at the International Future of Space forum held in the Farnborough space pavilion.
It is in the second phase, beyond 2010, that Perminov (see picture left) expects the creation of the holding companies, which could group like-market enterprises, such as satellite manufacturers, together.
Along with the restructuring plan the FSA’s ten-year space programme includes development of the new launcher Angara, establishing new communications and television broadcast constellations, space science probes and completion of the Russian segment of the International Space Station.
Other speakers at the forum were NASA administrator Mike Griffin, UK science and innovation government minister Lord Sainsbury, European Space Agency director general Jean-Jacques Dordain, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency vice president Kaoru Mamiya and Algerian Space Agency director general Azzedine Oussedik.
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Source: Flight International