Aluminium Special Products  returns to Farnborough with a story of success in what is becoming a niche market: sourcing and supplying "difficult" products. For a start, it is what helps keep the venerable Spitfire flying.

As larger aluminium suppliers seek efficiencies through standardisation and high-volume production, Midlands-based ASP finds less and less competition in supplying materials to the specifications of legacy designs.

"The secret of our success is the ability to source difficult products," says managing director David Robinson. "We're a raw material specialist and we're not afraid to commit to putting everything in place to support customers."

One of those customers is Airframe Assemblies of the Isle of Wight, one of the only firms producing Spitfire parts to the original 75-year-old Supermarine specifications. ASP supplies a range of items including the spar tubes, a suite of the most demanding parts, and all to the original drawings.

At the other end of the spectrum, ASP is developing ultra lightweight tubular parts for the new B/E Aerospace Pinnacle seating system, their exciting replacement for one of the biggest-selling airline passenger seats.

Source: Flight Daily News