Completion of the first stage of an aerial survey of Mauritius is announced by the Aircraft Operating Co. of Africa, Ltd., a South African associate of the Hunting Group. The work is part of a contract recently awarded to that company by the Government of Mauritius.

A vital factor in all aerial photography is the weather, and in this instance it was of the utmost importance as conditions over an island far out in the Indian Ocean seldom permit an unobscured view of the landfall. Fortunately, favourable weather was reported at the time when the contract was actually being signed, and to take advantage of it an expedition was mobilised and got away in the short space of two days. As a result, the photographic work has been completed in one month, and the aircraft employed - a specially equipped Dakota - is now back at its home base at Rand Airport, Johannesburg.

Much of the future economic and engineering development of the island will be governed by the result of the aerial survey.

Source: Flight International