A chartered Embraer EMB-110C Bandeirante has crashed in Brazil killing two of the 10 people on board.

The aircraft (PT-TAF), operated by Piquiatuba Táxi Aéreo and chartered to the Reicon Group, came down in farmland on 25 January while attempting to land at a private airfield near Senador José Porfírio.

The aircraft departed Belém's Val de Cães International airport at 12:58 local time for a 90min flight to Senador José Porfirio with two crew members and eight passengers - among them the Reicon Group's chief executive.

Initial reports indicate that shortly before arriving at its destination, the EMB-110C experienced an engine failure. Witnesses say that, after aborting its second attempt at landing, the aircraft began to turn and came down in a field, killing the pilot Reicon Group chief executive Luiz Rebelo Neto.

It appears that Neto was trying to approach the flightdeck at the time of impact, because all the passengers who were strapped in survived.

Source: Flight International