Emirates is urging Dubai International’s operator to consider drone detectors after an airspace intrusion led to a third closure of the hub in the space of around four months.

The latest incident took place on 29 October resulting in Dubai’s closure for 80min and the diversion of 11 Emirates flights, plus another 11 operated by other carriers.

Emirates chief operations officer Adel Al Redha says that the incidents are costing the airline “millions” of dirhams each time.

The carrier says the closure is the third since June – with the two previous closures totalling over 90min – and the events lead to diversions and a “ripple effect” on its operations from delays and disruption.

Al Redha says the authorities should “impose penalties” to discourage unauthorised drone operations and adds that they should “consider implementing drone detectors” at Dubai.

He says the disruption and safety risks are “unacceptable” and the carrier is urging the introduction of “strong measures” in response.

Source: Cirium Dashboard