FedEx Express is to help US company ReallyQuiet manufacture and support its recently certificated Stage 3 hushkit for Rolls-Royce Spey-powered Gulfstream II, IIB and III business jets. The US package carrier will provide expertise gained in the manufacture and support of more than 730 shipsets of Stage 3 hush-kits for the Boeing 727.

After a two-year development effort, Really Quiet received US certification for its $1.95 million hushkit earlier this year. The Mojave, California-based company has orders for over 50 shipsets, and hopes to retrofit three-quarters of the 450 operational GII/IIB/IIIs.

Really Quiet is establishing a network of approved service centres to do the work. The company is hoping for European approval of the hushkit, which features a translating ejector nozzle, later this year.

Source: Flight International