Ferranti Technologies (FTL) is exhibiting its range of electronic, electrical and precision electro-mechanical equipment in Hall 2B/8 at the Consortium of Lancashire Aerospace Stand.

The display includes the company's FTS-10 inertial grade accelerometer for strap-down navigational systems and missile guidance systems.

FTL's power conversion products are also on display and include a state-of-the-art transformer rectifier unit (TRU) which provides DC power from the main generator AC input and was designed to meet the needs of Eurofighter.

The company has won a contract worth more than £4 million ($6.4 million) to develop a new power converter for Eurofighter.

The Eurofighter power generation system has been designed to minimise the risk of total power loss by using a high level of redundancy and system partitioning. There are two TRUs in Eurofighter's DC electrical generation system. Each one is capable of providing 200 amps at a nominal 28v DC from the three-phase 200v 400Hz AC aircraft supply.

Source: Flight Daily News