Sukhoi’s civil aircraft division delivered two Superjet 100s in the first quarter, compared with four in the same period last year.

The airframer has disclosed the information in a detailed quarterly statement.

It states that the total number of Superjet deliveries by 31 March 2016 had reached 86 aircraft.

The reduction in deliveries resulted in a 36% slump in revenues to Rb3.5 billion ($54 million) under Russian accounting standards – a decline in performance exacerbated by US dollar-denominated contracts having contributed substantially to the previous year’s activity.

Sukhoi received assistance last August in the form of a federal loan amounting to Rb100 billion, which has helped the airframer reduce debts. It also says it received an advance of Rb30 billion at the end of 2015 from lessor GTLK.

While the Russian air transport market has continued to decline over the early months of this year, Sukhoi expects a return to pre-crisis levels and is forecasting growth of 4% in 2018.

It is forecasting Russian demand for 300-350 aircraft in the Superjet’s category over the next 20 years, out of a global demand for 6,100.

Source: Cirium Dashboard