Fiji Airways has signed a letter of intent with CAE to order a full-motion Boeing 737 Max simulator.

The simulator will form a key part of the airline's plans to establish a full-service aviation training academy, which will also feature a widebody simulator, and eventually also cater to ab-intio training.

Although it has not yet selected a supplier for the widebody simulator, both of the simulators are expected to be installed by late 2018, which will complete phase one of the plans for the academy.

The airline adds that it is working with the government to secure a site for the academy.

"Not only will Fiji Airways benefit from improved operational efficiencies and cost reduction, it will also accelerate the development of command-quality captains in line with our standards and requirements," says Fiji Airways' managing director and chief executive Andre Viljoen.

"In the long run, the Academy will reduce the need for as many expatriate pilots and bring earnings to the country from selling simulator time."

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that the airline has a letter of intent to order five 737 Max 8s, which are expected to replace its four 737-800s and one -700. It also flies three A330-200s and one -300.

Source: Cirium Dashboard