Lookout: "Bridge, bogies visual, bearing red 034!"

Bridge: "Roger. Can you identify them?"

Lookout: "er…not sure sir."

Bridge: "Not sure!"

Lookout: "Well it doesn't seem possible but I'd say one is a, er…Hawker Hunter, and the other some old French job. Not sure about the other."

Bridge: "I say, I don't suppose we have a 1963 copy of Jane's handy do we?"

(Worried about defence cuts, or delayed programmes? Spare a thought for the Royal New Zealand Navy which is now forced to rent historic warbirds for exercises because the nation's fighter wing was disbanded last year. In recent war games involving the frigates Canterbury and Te Kaha, the fleet was engaged by three historic aircraft preserved by the Warbirds Association: a Hawker Hunter, Fouga Magister and Cessna A37B Dragonfly.)

Source: Flight International