Paul Derby

The final two Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite helicopters ordered by Egypt are due to be delivered by the end of next month, say Kaman officials at the Show.

The deliveries will conclude a 10-aircraft deal with the US manufacturer and provide the Egyptian military with an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability for the first time.

Eight of the 10 SH-2G(E)s are now stationed at Egypt's Borg Al-Arab air base near Alexandria. In addition to the ASW capability, the aircraft will also perform search and rescue, crew and cargo movement and other utility work.

Twenty Egyptian Air Force pilots have completed basic flight training at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida and will soon begin advanced flight training in-country.


Meanwhile, Kaman says engineering development for Australia's SH-2G(A)s is continuing, with deliveries of the 11 re-manufactured aircraft to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) slated to begin in 2001.

The aircraft will be equipped with Penguin missiles, composite rotors and an advanced Litton integrated tactical avionics system to enable a two-man crew to fly Super Seasprite and manage its multi-mission equipment suite.

Operating from the RAN's eight ANZAC-class frigates, Kaman says the helicopter's primary role will be to expand the vessels' surveillance capability, providing over-the-horizon warning and targeting of potential threats.

With New Zealand not due to take delivery of its Super Seasprites until 2000, the Royal New Zealand Navy has acquired four SH-2F Seasprites as interim training aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News