Finalist: Fokker Services

Location Woensdrecht, The Netherlands

Achievement Maintaining service levels for Fokker aircraft despite the manufacturer's collapse. When Fokker Aircraft went into bankruptcy at the start of 1996, one of the main concerns among aircraft operators and owners was over what levels of support service would continue to be provided for the extensive Fokker fleet.

Fokker's aviation services arm, which was not included in the bankruptcy, was acquired by Dutch engineering group Stork, but there was still an urgent need to establish confidence within the world airline industry that the aircraft would be supported.

The task fell to the newly formed Fokker Services, which found itself in the unique position of being an aircraft service company but without a manufacturer. The company, which is now the new holder of type certificates for Fokker aircraft, set about developing a new approach to service provision. These included development of the Continued Airworthiness Service Agreements and customised services packages, which have been taken up by more than 70% of the Fokker customer base - a sign of confidence in the new service company.

This quick management response when faced with the upheavals of Fokker's collapse is acknowledged by the Awards judges.

Fokker Services has already begun planning for its future as an independent maintenance operation, taking the business into new regions (including a new centre in Singapore) and diversifying through work on new civil and military aircraft types.

Source: Flight International