The global credit crisis has left airlines and lessors fighting for shrinking capital reserves, while uncertainty over future drops in demand has left leasing companies wondering just how 2009 will pan out.

In this special report on finance and leasing, we talk to banks and aircraft lessors about the challenges ahead. Plus get a snapshot from latest Airline Business annual aircraft leasing survey.

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GASPING FOR CASH  Raising capital will be a major concern for the aviation industry this year as the financial crisis continues to weaken global financiers, leaving few available to fund the sector's stunning demands. Click here




INTO THE UNKNOWN Two factors are set to drive down aircraft lease rates in the wake of 2008's economic tumult. One is continuing cuts to interest rates. The other, rather more troubling factor, is softening demand. Click here



AB Leasing survey 2008 100 

LEASING SURVEY 2008 Click here for A snapshot of the aircraft fleets owned and managed by the world's top operating leasing companies ranked using data from ACAS. Click here to find out more about getting contact details, expanded versions of these tables and additional charts,




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Source: Airline Business