Y = Year. H = Half year. Q = Quarter. M = Months. Currencies converted into US dollars a average exchange rates during reporting period. Per cent changes in local currencies.

Net profit at the UK airports operator rose 13 per cent. Passenger numbers rose 7.4 per cent and passengers per employee 5.9 per cent. Retail revenue rose 9.8 per cent to £402 million (US$609 million).

Operating profit at Australia's airports operator rose 5 per cent to US$65 million, but a lower tax rate pushed the net up by 52 per cent. Passenger numbers rose 6.8 per cent to just under 50 million.

UTC's net income rose 32 per cent to $644 million but an accounting change cut income before tax by $95 million. Pratt & Whitney increased fourth quarter operating income 62 per cent to $133 million.

Source: Airline Business