With runway incursions a safety concern at airports around the world Jeppesen has launched a Taxi Position Awareness (TPA) application and brought it to display at Farnborough.

Visitors can test the TPA in Jeppesen's flight simulator (Hall 3, Stand A5), and find themselves taxiing back to the gate in foggy weather without a hitch.

The TPA system helps orient the flight crew to the aircraft's position on the ground in relation to runways, taxiways and airport structures, without reference to paper charts.

"TPA improves safety and operational efficiency margins through increased position awareness and reduced flight crew workload," says Niels Stark, business development executive at Jeppesen.

"Especially in foggy or rainy weather, it can be difficult for pilots to find their way to the gate," he continues. "Sometimes they do not even notice that they are crossing an active runway. This application improves safety and makes sure that pilots do not get lost."



Source: Flight Daily News