A new high-strength titanium alloy could help Finetubes (Hall 3, A15) expand in the aerospace business. The company hopes Titanium 64, which has taken five years to develop, will be selected for use in the hydraulic system of the Airbus A380.


And Finetubes is hopeful that Mitsubishi, which has already placed orders for Titanium 64 in the cargo doors it supplies to Eurocopter, will place further orders after carrying out a two-week audit on the company.

Finetubes executive Richard Hamer says: "Titanium 64 is strong and extremely light, guaranteeing a substantial fuel saving." It comes in a tubular form and is part of an extensive range of stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium tubes.

The Aerospace market has recently started doing business with Finetubes, most of whose business expertise comes from many years serving the bicycle industry.

Source: Flight Daily News