Finmeccanica and Saab have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide electronic warfare systems support, which is initially being targeted at customers of the latter’s Gripen fighter.

Leveraging Finmeccanica’s EW Operational Support (EWOS) offering, the two companies will look to support Gripen customers in their use and exploitation of EW systems, many of which on the aircraft are produced by Finmeccanica.

“EWOS is capable of supporting both Finmeccanica and non-Finmeccanica electronic warfare equipment,” Mark Hewer, vice-president of EWOS for the company's Airborne and Space Systems division, tells Flightglobal. However he adds “the initial co-operation with Saab is more likely to focus on Gripen-related programmes”.

The Gripen E/NG is on order for the Brazilian and Swedish air forces, and the two companies are in discussions with a launch customer for the support, Hewer says. The EWOS MoU will initially target Middle Eastern and South American markets, he adds.

Gripen NG mock-up - Brazilian air force

Brazilian air force

All NGs ordered will carry the Raven ES-05 active electronically scanned array radar, Skyward-G infrared search and track passive sensor, plus identification friend or foe systems, all of which are made by Finmeccanica. Additionally, Saab is offering the company’s BriteCloud expendable active decoy as an option for the Gripen.

“BriteCloud is being offered by Saab as the off-board jamming solution for platform protection,” Hewer says. “With the success of the various Gripen variants internationally, we're seeing real interest and are in discussions with a number of potential customers. “We're very proud to be forming such an important relationship with Saab, and we look forward to working with Saab and our customers to turn electronic warfare solutions into an operational advantage.”