Finmeccanica chief executive Pier Francesco Guarguaglini has ruled out interest in partnering with Airbus to take over any of the Toulouse-based manufacturer’s sites, but left open interest in the manufacturer's A350 programme.

In comments to Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore, confirmed by the company, Guarguaglini says the Italian company is ready to participate in the Airbus A350, including possible investments, “if we find the A350 and its business plan convincing,” Guarguaglini says. He adds the company is talking to Airbus about this.

Airbus is hoping to form industrial partnerships at its Filton, Meaulte and Nordenham plants to facilitate their development from metallic to composite design and manufacturing capability as part of its recently unveiled Power8 restructuring plan.

Guarguaglini emphasises that Finnmeccanica is not interested in taking over any Airbus plants.  The company will not be taking on a stake in EADS either, he says, because putting the two businesses together would be too complicated.

“Obviously [Airbus] will have to guarantee some orders to whoever buys [the plants]”, and this could reduce the potential for other suppliers including Finmeccanica.

Finmeccanica, as well as GKN in the UK has been touted as possible partners for Airbus.

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