Fire has destroyed the Boeing European Spare Parts Center at Brussels Airport. The 3 October fire is estimated to have destroyed about BFr4 billion ($144 million)-worth of spare parts.

The depot, operated under contract by Sabena Technic, stocked parts for all Boeing types except the 777 for airlines in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Boeing says that the fire, the cause of which is still unclear, will not affect its ability to support airlines, as the 30,000 part numbers involved are available from other centres, including London Heathrow.

Replacing the lost inventory is likely to increase pressure on suppliers already struggling to keep pace with Boeing's production ramp-up. "We are assessing the situation," says Boeing, which admits that the loss "-makes the parts-supply situation tighter".

Other Boeing spares holders are already witnessing a knock-on effect. Trevor Wetter, managing director of European Aviation, says that the UK firm, which recently bought part of the British Airways spares inventory, has seen a "significant upsurge in demand".

Sabena has grounded a Boeing 737-300 for spare parts until stocks have been replenished.

Source: Flight International